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Risques de rejet d'un implant dentaire

Dental care and basal implant

Present throughout Europe, Anveli is the Swiss specialist in basal implants. Thanks to this modern technology, the placement of dental implants and their dentures allows restoration of the teeth in just one week without bone grafting.

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Anveli Dental : The basal implantology specialist

Anveli Dental is the result of the collaboration of big names in the world medico-dental field.

The teacher. S. Ihde, is the inventor of the basal dental implant and double world champion in implantology. He is part of this adventure human born almost 20 years ago. It operates on the most complex cases with an impressive 99% success rate. Patients from all over the world come to benefit from this unique know-how in ultra-modern dental clinics.

The reputation of Anveli Dental acquired over many years in Switzerland, Anveli Dental has grown to become today the dental care specialist said to be "new generation". With a center of expertise, a university center and 5 clinics across Europe, Anveli Dental is the guarantee of a quality treatment.

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implantologie basal, implant dentaire immédiat sans greffe osseuse

Dental basal implants

The basal implant developed by Prof. Ihde is the bigegst technological advancement of the last 30 years. Among these advantages:

  • Without bone grafts even in atrophy
  • Placement of the basal implant and the denture in 1 step
  • Treatment of patients at risk
  • No peri-implantitis (rejection)

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pour la pose d'implant basal nouvelle génération

Dental care

For your dental care, whether it is the installation of a crown, a bridge or dental veneers, the result must be aesthetic, functional and comfortable. Thanks to our laboratories specializng in dental prosthesis within our dental clinics, we are able to make immediate corrections.

In order to guarantee the best quality of dental care Anveli Dental does not use metal for traditional care but only biocompatible materials certified by Anveli Switzerland.

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pour la pose de couronnes dentaires, facettes et dents esthétiques

Dental clinics

For your dental care abroad, you have the opportunity to choose between several dental clinics specializing in basal implant and dental restoration dental care. Each of our dental clinics meets European standards and is part of a recognized international group (Anveli Group) giving you maximum guarantee on your dental care.

Dental clinic

Dental clinic

Dental clinic

Dental clinic

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Anveli Dental: Dental care in Europe

dental care

For your dental care abroad, Anveli Dental offers solutions.

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Dental center in Switzerland

dental center in Switzerland

Presentation of the dental center of Prof. Ihde in Switzerland

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Dental tourism service for the organization of dental care abroad.

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