Anveli Dental - Results

The results presented below come from Anveli Dental clinics which have image rights for all the cases presented. Any use, complete or partial of these images, whether for commercial purposes or not , will be the subject of a report and legal proceedings.

surgical treatment of periodontitis

Opinion and testimony after surgical treatment of severe periodontitis with inflammations and infections of the gum. Treatment carried out in 7 days.

significant bone loss and placement of dental implants

Patient with significant bone loss places dental implants without resorting to bone grafting. She gives her opinion on basal implants.

Immediate dental implants in Sofia

Treated in the Ukrainian dental clinic with immediate dental implants. Bi-cortical basal implants are placed after tooth extraction despite a lack of bone.

Basal technique and biomed implants

Michel suffers from retracting gum disease. Thanks to the basal technique, Biomed implants are placed and the dentition restored in 7 days.

Periodontitis and gum loss

Periodontitis with significant retraction and loss of gum tissue. Treated with non-invasive basal dental implants.

Full mouth dental implants

Full mouth restoration in our dental center in Switzerland with basal type dental implants.

Fixed dental prosthesis on basal implants

Immediate loading of a fixed prosthesis on basal implants. Extraction of all teeth.

Biomed basal implant and lack of bone

Photo and video testimonial before, during and after her dental treatment in Kiev with the Biomed basal implant.

Basal technique Periodontitis and bone loss

Operation with the basal technique to treat bone loss and periodontitis without requiring bone grafting.

dental implant and Sinus lift

Laura was able to avoid the sinus lift and bone grafting thanks to two fixed dentures on basal implants. She suffered from periodontitis.

Basal implant in Sofia, Bulgaria

Dental treatment with basal implants performed in Sofia, Bulgaria by Prof. Ihde (Switzerland). Treatment carried out in 7 days

Boneless dental implant

Placement of bone-less dental implants. The result in 3 days of a patient who performed the placement of the latest generation basal implant avoiding bone grafting