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Risques de rejet d'un implant dentaire

Removable prosthesis and dental stellite

We say that a dental prosthesis is removable because it can be removed for maintenance. The fact that it can be removed poses many inconveniences since it can fall during a discussion or during a meal. A dental prosthesis can replace all or part of the teeth.

Removable dental prostheses: Information

The different removable dental prostheses

There are different types of removable dentures. Dental stellites replace a few teeth and which are held by hooks on teeth still in place and complete dentures which are commonly called dentures. There is also the so-called All on 4 system which is a complete dental prosthesis stabilized by dental implants.

Stellite: Partial removable prosthesis

It makes it possible to replace one or more missing teeth using small metal hooks which hang on the teeth still present. It makes it possible to find an aesthetic for life in society, but its disadvantages are numerous among which:

  • Chewing difficulties and loss of taste of food
  • It does not slow down bone resorption or even stimulate it
  • Uncomfortable
  • Stellite damages the supporting teeth

Materials used:

Composite resin for stellite flexible + metal or composite alone

Social security reimbursement of a stellite

Social security reimburses stellite to 70%. This figure may change taking into account the new policy of 100% supported.

CPAM quotation:
HBLD131, HBLD025, HBLD026, HBLD027, HBLD029

CPAM name:
Fitting of a permanent removable prosthesis with resin base plate or metal frame.Other name exists depending on the number of teeth.

CPAM support:

Complete removable prosthesis

The complete removable prosthesis is fixed on the palate or on the gum of the lower jaw with the help of glue. It is removed every evening and must be placed in a cleaning solution. The complete removable prosthesis is enough uncomfortable since it does not allow all the tastes of food to be found and can fall out when it is not properly glued. The complete removable prosthesis does not slow down bone resorption and can even promote it.

Reimbursement of a complete removable prosthesis

The complete removable dental prosthesis is covered at 70% . Changes can be observed taking into account the regulatory change within the framework of the 100% health reform.

CPAM rating:
HBLD031, HBLD035, HBLD046, HBLD047

CPAM name:
Placement of a complete removable unimaxillary and bimaxillary prosthesis with resin base plate or metal frame

Taking in charge of CPAM:

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