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Dental clinic in Montenegro

The dental clinic of Montenegro, specializes in the latest generation of basal implants. It is directed by the inventor of cortico-basal implantology, namely Professor Idhe who also provides care relating to the placement of basal dental implants. He is assisted by Dr Antonina Idhe specialist in dental prosthetics who is in charge of designing the adapted prostheses. The basal dental implantology clinic is located on the heights of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro. tourist attraction overlooking the bay of Budva.

Montenegro Basal Implantology Clinic

Who are we?

Anveli Dental is a Swiss group and specialist in basal implantology with several dental clinics in Europe. Prof. Ihde (Switzerland) operates in the Montenegro dental clinic the patients considered to be the most complex. The patients can thus be operated in Montenegro in an ideal and idyllic setting while benefiting from the Swiss Anveli guarantee.

Dental treatment in Montenegro

The dental clinic of Montenegro is a satellite of the Swiss dental center whose specialty is the installation of cortico-basal implants (latest generation basal implant) Dental treatment in the dental clinic of Montenegro:

  • Basal implant
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Veneers
  • Caries treatment
Your care is provided upon arrival at one of the two airports (Podgorica: 50km, Tivat: 30km ) by our support and translation service who will be there to assist you throughout the duration of your dental treatment.

Dental tourism in Montenegro: Organizing your visit

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