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Risques de rejet d'un implant dentaire

Dental care in Switzerland

Anveli Dental does not offer dental tourism but only dental care and the organization of the stay for them. We do not work with any dental and medical tourism company. The organization department of Anveli Dental takes care of your stay in Switzerland and allows you to obtain personalized support from your home to the dental clinic, which includes all the services necessary for the smooth running of your top-of-the-range dental care in basal implantology.

Anveli Dental in Switzerland

Dental clinic in Switzerland

The Swiss dental clinic is headed by Prof. Dr. Ihde. Master of modern implantology and inventor of the latest generation of basal implantology. He made Gommiswald the capital of strategic implantology with a structure that extends over 5000 m². The basal implantology center in Switzerland is unique in the world since it brings together in a single structure: a dental clinic, a dental prosthesis laboratory and a basal implant production center . It enables the most complex cases in the world to be treated.

Dental clinic in Switzerland

Basal implant in Switzerland

The basal implant can treat the most complex cases since it does not require a bone graft. It can treat 95% of patients when traditional implantology can only treat 50%. The technology implementation guarantees a less invasive and one-step operation.

Basal implant

Dentist in Switzerland

Anveli Dental is recognized as the specialist in basal implants in Europe. Several hundred patients per year call on our services to benefit from the expertise of the most experienced team in the world in the treatment of cases This is possible thanks to state-of-the-art technology, our team including the world champion in implantology and inventor of the latest generation basal implant.

Organize your stay with Anveli Switzerland

The organization service of the Swiss dental clinic provides you with a team that will help you organize your visit. First, the study of your panoramic X-ray and 3D imaging will allow you to carry out an expertise without you having to travel.
For your travel and your trips between the dental clinic and the hotel, you will be assisted. Several options are available to you.

Private Jet Travel

Travel to Switzerland for your dental treatment aboard a private jet and go to our clinic over the Alps. Domestic flights to Switzerland are provided as connections with France, Germany , Russia or the United States.

VIP helicopter transfer

Thanks to our helicopter transfer partner, let us organize your arrival by helicopter from the airport. Limousine service from the exit of the plane to your helicopter is provided in a few minutes.

Limousine transfer

For your transfer from and to the dental clinic of Switzerland , Anveli Dental offers you a limousine. Pick-up can be provided from exiting the terminal or exiting the aircraft if desired. You will be transferred to your hotel before going to the Swiss dental clinic.

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