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Risques de rejet d'un implant dentaire

Basal implant

  • No bone graft necessary: The basal implant is placed in the cortex which suffers little or no atrophy
  • Immediate-loading implant in 7 days: Loading must be immediate
  • Success rate close to 100%: Thanks to its smooth surface, cases of Peri-implantitis (rejection) are extremely rare on this type of dental implant
  • Micro-invasive: Bone drilling is extremely fine and does not damage bone tissue

latest generation basal implant

What is a basal implant?

The basal implant has been known and practiced for many years, its name comes from the part of the bone in which it is implanted, the basal part, also called the cortical bone. It is the most mineralized and strongest part of the bone.On the contrary, the traditional implant is implanted in the spongy part of the bone which requires osseointegration and therefore a long treatment time. Concerning the basal implant there are 2 families: the implant discs (BOI implant) which are the first generation of basal implants, and the latest generation basal implant BAx. (Strategic Implant ® or bi-cortical implant). Our dental centers work mainly with the latest generation basal implant.

qu'est ce qu'un implant basal

Definition of the basal implant

The principle of the basal implant is based on its mode of retention. When a traditional implant requires osseointegration (healing of the bone) in the spongy part of the bone, the basal implant comes to it to be fixed like a screw in the hard and mineral part of the bone. This part of the bone does not osseointegrate. The basal dental implant must therefore be loaded immediately so that the prosthesis acts as a bond between each basal implant And can guarantee the correct distribution of masticatory forces over the entire jaw.

Définition de l'implant basal

Ihde Dental - Biomed basal implant (strategic implant ® ️)

The latest generation basal implant (Strategic implant®️) was invented in the end of the 90s in Switzerland by Professor S. Ihde. They are still manufactured today in Switzerland near Zurich in the canton of St. Gallen The basal implants are branded by Ihde Dental but are also marketed through its sub-brands Biomed and Simpladent in Eastern European countries. The research center is continuously developing and modernizing the technology. The basal implant is one-piece, that is, the abutment and the implant is separate. It achieves the best success rate with a non-invasive operation through the axial route. It avoids bone grafting and treatment is performed in one step. Professor Ihde treats the world's most complex patients with Anveli.

Quote for treatment with basal implant by Prof. Ihde

implant basal de dernière génération lequel choisir

Placement of the basal implant

The placement of the latest generation basal implant and the fixation of the prosthesis are carried out in a single step of 7 days. The complete operation lasts on average 4 days during which the patient will visit at least 5 times at the clinic for various tests. The last days will be devoted to the follow-up visits. We are not in favor of the treatment carried out in 3 days which consists of only making one adjustment visit. Ask if you are eligible for an operation by Prof. Ihde

Progress of an operation in basal implantology

pose d'un implant basal par le Prof. Ihde

Fixed prosthesis on basal type implants

Prostheses placed on basal dental implants are very specific. The loading protocol must ensure perfect stability and good distribution of chewing forces overall basal implants. The laboratories of l The International Implant Foundation led by Professor Ihde in Munich have developed high-tech materials to meet the requirements of the prosthetic protocol of basal implantology bringing together all the qualities necessary for the success of the treatment.

Prosthesis on basal implant

pose d'une prothèse dentaire fixe sur implant basal

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