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Best dental clinics

Dental clinic

Dental clinic

Dental clinic

Dental clinic

Anveli: Best dental clinics in Europe

Anveli Dental, a global specialist in modern basal implantology, offers you dental treatment in modern dental clinics. Each dental clinic has specialists, such as Prof. Ihde, university professor and inventor of basal implantology to treat the most complex cases. Whether it is for the placement of dental implants, basal implants, crowns, bridges, or dental veneers, the expert service will direct you to one of our dental clinics. it is not only about the dental clinics, but also for the dental prosthesis laboratories, the expert service, a support service, and specialists that are recognized worldwide.

Our dental prosthesis laboratories

Fixing dental prostheses in 72 to 96 hours is necessary in basal implantology. In order to meet this technological challenge, all the dental clinics have a dental prosthesis laboratory which guarantees the traceability of the materials used .

AnveLab dental prosthesis laboratory

Dentists and dental surgeons

The most complex cases are treated by Anveli Dental. Dentists all over the world call on our services for their patients who cannot treat with so-called traditional techniques. Prof. Ihde is the head of these teams of dentists in 7 countries. He is a double world champion in complex implantology, inventor of basal implantology, and university professor. Dr Glavinov, dentist and implantologist is also renowned for his work on dental aesthetics.

The team

International center of expertise

The dental expertise service is run from Switzerland and has a relay office in France and Bulgaria. It enables preoperative expertise and the establishment of a treatment plan from a distance, as well as post-operative treatment expertise, carried out all over the world.

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