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Risques de rejet d'un implant dentaire

Reimbursement of dental treatment abroad

Reimbursement of dental care by social security

The terms of your reimbursements depend on the country where you are going and the type of dental treatment provided. Dental treatment is possible within the European Union and exceptional medical authorization may be granted by your doctor for treatment outside the EU, if you can establish with him the impossibility of receiving the necessary treatment in the member countries.

Dental treatment reimbursed by social security

When you carry out your dental care abroad, the care that will be reimbursed to you must also be reimbursed in your country of origin. This is the principle of free competition of the European Union . Thus the law provides:
this principle of reciprocity also works for patients from Luxembourg, Belgium or Germany Decree n ┬░ 2005/386 of April 19, 2005 relating to the payment of care received in a countries of the European Union.
Prior authorization from your health insurance fund is not necessary to cover dental treatment whether it is carried out in France or in another EU state.
Warning, social security does not reimburse the following care (despite what some dental clinics announce):

  • Dental implant
  • Bridge on dental implant
  • Dental veneer
  • Tooth whitening

Among the dental treatment carried out abroad which is reimbursed by the Social security:

  • Dental crown
  • Bridge on natural tooth
  • Devitalization
  • Treatment of cavities
  • Removal of a cyst
  • Extraction of a tooth
  • Crown on dental implant

(Please note, your insurance fund disease checks your panoramic X-rays before and after, you cannot be billed for crowns if a bridge has been placed, you risk prosecution and fines).
Anveli Dental is located in European Union countries and works in line with CCAM codifications. Also, the amount of coverage for your care will be equivalent to that which would have been calculated for care provided in France.

File to be sent to social security

To benefit from reimbursement from your social security, you must provide a complete file including:

  • Panoramic X-ray before dental treatment
  • Panoramic X-ray after dental treatment
  • Invoice with the mention "Acquitted " and including the CCAM codes

You may also be requested in addition by your fund. '' health insurance:

  • Proof of travel: Stamps on passport or plane ticket
  • Proof of accommodation (hotel bill)
  • Consultation by a social security medical adviser

Also, remember to keep all paid invoices and proof of payment and send them, accompanied by form S3125 Treatment received abroad (PDF), at your health insurance fund. You will be reimbursed on the basis of the current rates of the State of stay and within the limit of the expenses incurred.

Reimbursement by the mutual insurance company for dental treatment carried out abroad

Each mutual has very different conditions and contracts from each other. Some mutuals reimburse dental care in and outside the European Union. You will thus be able, depending on your mutual, to benefit from the reimbursement for dental implants, for crowns or bridges on dental implants. However, note that some mutuals reimburse only on condition that the file has been accepted by Social Security. This implies that they do not reimburse dental implants except in the rare cases of coverage (following an illness or an accident at work).

Reimbursement of dental care

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