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Swiss Dental Center

Implantology center in Switzerland

The dental center of Zurich in Switzerland is a unique center for implantology of very high expertise and recognized worldwide for its outstanding medical performance. Specialized in basal implantology, it is unique in the world since it has its own production department for dental implants, a basal implantology clinic and an expert service. Thus, it is the heart of the company. For several years, the medical center has invested several million euros in the digitalization and modernization of dental care.
The Swiss dental center in photos:

  • 2 dental surgery rooms
  • 1 prosthetic treatment room
  • 1 dental prosthesis laboratory
  • 1 center of expertise
  • 1 production center for dental implants
  • 1 training center for dental surgeons

Who are we?

Anveli Dental in partnership with Prof. Ihde (Switzerland) is the 1st latest generation basal implantology group in Europe. Our strength: The latest generation basal implant, of which Prof. Ihde is the inventor. He has developed the treatment protocol since the end of the 90s. Author of several hundred articles in specialized journals and of 6 books on cortico-basal implantology, it is the world benchmark in this area. He trains hundreds of dentists each year and has been leading the International Implant Foundation for more than ten years. Anveli Dental is recommended by many organizations such as the French Embassy and the Embassy of the United. The latest studies of the IF demonstrate a success rate of 99.2% out of a total of 6,000 dental implants, which is the best success rate in the world.

Why choose dental treatment in Switzerland?

Because it is not just a dental clinic. It is a dental center made up of several departments from expertise to design of prostheses through the surgical, is done on-site. The operations are carried out by Prof. Ihde in person. In the Swiss dental center, the most complex cases are operated by using cutting-edge technology. Anveli Dental Suisse guarantees a high-end operation carried out about forty kilometers from downtown Zurich on the lake shore and at the foot of the Helvetic Alps. In Switzerland, our support service takes care of your VIP travel and accommodation.

Dental tourism in Switzerland: Organizing your stay

Basal implantology in Switzerland

The basal implantology, thanks to advanced equipment and ultra-modern technology, allows to obtain maximum success rates. Above all, it allows managing all patients, including those with severe bone loss or periodontal infections. Basal implantology makes it possible to obtain the best success rate. They are designed with smooth titanium and cannot cause peri-implantitis, the famous rejection of dental implants. The complete treatment with basal corticosteroid implant continues one week.

Basal implant

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