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Dental bridge

Information about the dental bridge

The bridge makes it possible to replace an absent tooth by creating a bridge or simply for aesthetic purposes. The dental bridge is a dental structure made up of several crowns connected together. It is made up of 3 teeth and requires the presence of two anchor pillars. These anchor pillars can be natural teeth or dental implants or a combination of both.

Placement of a dental bridge

The number of steps and the treatment time for the placement of a dental bridge depends on its anchoring abutments. Whether it is fixed on dental implants of the basal type or on natural teeth the treatment is done in 1 step of 7 days. If it is placed on traditional dental implants, a second step is necessary 3 months after the installation of the dental implants.

1st step: Treatment of teeth

As for the placement of dental crowns, the dental bridge requires a perfect treatment of the teeth which will serve as its abutment. The teeth are filed by staying as far as possible from the nerve in order to avoid devitalization of the tooth. Additional procedures may be necessary in order to consolidate the teeth supporting the bridge. Once the abutment teeth have been prepared, an impression is taken by casting (old technique) or intraoral scanner (new Anveli Dental technique). A provisional bridge is placed until the final dental bridge is ready.

2nd step: Fitting the final dental crown

The second step in the placement of a dental bridge takes place 5 to 7 days after the treatment of natural teeth. The bridge was produced by computer to ensure the greatest precision. One or two trials, accompanied by corrections in the laboratory, may be necessary before fixing the final bridge The dental bridge is permanently fixed by cementation when placed on natural teeth or on basal type implants and by screw-on traditional dental implants. Occlusion and contact points may require several hours.

We advise patients suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding) to wear a custom-made splint at night in order to avoid tearing on the natural teeth and the dental bridge regardless of the material used.

Dental bridge FAQ

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