Anveli Dental - Dental clinic in Belgrade (Serbia)
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Dental clinic in Belgrade

Dental clinic in Belgrade

Anveli Dental, a European specialist in basal implantology in association with Prof. Stefan Ihde welcomes you to its clinics and dental practices specializing in basal implantology. The Belgrade dental clinic is part of a network of clinics where operations in basal implantology can be performed. The group also has a center of expertise in Switzerland, Bulgaria, and France, dental prosthesis laboratories, and a training and production center for basal implants Prof. Ihde. Thanks to this collaboration, you benefit from a guarantee on your dental care like that of Anveli Dental Switzerland even if you are treated in Serbia.

In the photo - Prof. Ihde and Dr. Shipitch, accompanied by two patients after the placement of basal dental implants.

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Presentation of the dental practice

The dental clinic is located in downtown Belgrade near the most touristic places of the city. Fixed dental prostheses on basal implants are created in the internal laboratory of the dental clinic ensuring the traceability of the dependence of Belgrad dental clinic on the Swiss clinic . (And its production center for the basal implant) .

Dental treatment in Belgrade

Doing your dental treatment in Belgrade offers several advantages. First of all, the financial aspect is the biggest pros . The cost of dental treatment in Serbia is 2 to 3 times lower than the dental treatment offered in our dental clinic in Switzerland or in France . This difference can be explained by the cost of living which is much lower compared to the one in France. The tax system is also advantageous for dental clinics in Serbia. The second advantage that Serbia offers to realize your dental care is an environment ideal in a city which still retains the scars of a thousand-year-old history Belgrade is an extremely clean city in full tourist expansion (+ 40% in 2019) and whose level of delinquency is close to 0. The qualification of Serbian dentists and doctors is very good and many people practice in Switzerland.

Dental organization and tourism in Serbia

Basal implantology in Belgrade

Anveli Dental together within the Belgrade dental clinic specializes in the placement of the basal implant. In case of periodontitis, rejection of previous dental implants, or lack of bone, this technique allows a better success rate without having to resort to bone grafting or sinus lift. Тhus the Ihde implants considerably reduce the risk of rejection.

Thanks to international specialists (dentists, dental surgeons, and technicians) from the International Implant Foundation, the Belgrade dental clinic in Serbia receives hundreds of patients every year from all over the world.

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