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Dental treatment in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Anveli Dental dental clinic has chosen not to work with any commercial intermediary known as "dental tourism". Patients are directly advised and referred by the advisers of the expertise department and the organization service who help them prepare for their trip.
The aim of this page will be to introduce Bulgaria and the various places you can visit apart from your dental treatment in Sofia.

Dental tourism in Bulgaria

Dental clinic in Sofia (Bulgaria)

You will be performing your dental treatment in Sofia, Bulgaria. Anveli Dental in Sofia is an ultra modern dental clinic recommended by the French Embassy and the United States Embassy in Bulgaria. The international team of dentists has great experience and is specialized in the treatment of complex cases.

Visit Anveli Dental dental clinic in Sofia

Dental treatment in Bulgaria

Anveli Dental is the specialist in basal implants in Europe. Each year several hundred patients benefit from our dental tourism services in Bulgaria for basal implantology. The BAx basal type dental implant (cortico implant -basal) is used to treat so-called "complex " patients with significant bone loss. The basal implant is particularly suitable for complete restorations of the jaw and for the treatment of patients suffering from periodontitis.

Basal implant

Dentist in Bulgaria

The Sofia clinic has an international team of dentists and dental surgeons who are experienced and recommended by several embassies including those of the United States and France.

The team

Organize your dental care in Bulgaria

The administrative service provides you with a team that will assist you in the organization of your travel and accommodation. Initially, the study of your panoramic radio will allow you to carry out an expertise and transmit to you an estimate without you having to move. Request a quote The administrative service will also send you all the medical and practical information.
After having validated your quote, our organization service will assist you in the preparation of your trip, whether for your trips or your accommodation.

Pick up in Sofia

As soon as you arrive in Sofia, you will be welcomed at the airport and driven to your hotel. Although the majority of dental clinic members are French speaking, a translator will be present to assist you throughout your stay.

Information about Sofia and Bulgaria

Bulgaria has experienced a modernization boom in recent years. Now, Sofia is a modern city with a metro and newly emerged business districts, however there are still many former communist buildings. Sofia is also a green city with many parks and communal gardens. Bulgaria is part of the European Union, so all dental treatments carried out in the Sofia dental clinic will allow you to benefit from the same amount of care than that which would have been calculated for treatment carried out in France.

Geographical location of Sofia

Sofia is located in the northeast part of Bulgaria - 30 km from the border with Serbia. The Bulgarian capital stretches 25 km from east to west and 15 km from north in a basin surrounded by 2 "Great Balkan " and "Mountains of the " South West "mountain ranges that rise to 2,925 meters. Sofia is 600 meters above sea level and the famous and upscale ski resorts are only 20 minutes from the city.

Weather in Sofia

The weather in Bulgaria and particularly in Sofia is typical of the Balkan region with hot summers where the temperature rarely drops below 25 ° C and cold winters which regularly drop to -10 ° C. Аutumn and spring are very short.

Visit in Sofia

Sofia has many assets with a very diverse architecture reflecting the different regimes that Bulgaria lived through. From the time of Spartacus' Traces, from the medieval grandeur of the country, to the communist regime through invasion of the Ottoman Empire, we find a very rich heritage. Discover the places that you can visit during your dental care.

The national theater

The Ivan Vazov National Theater "Народен Театър Иван Вазов " is located right in the city center and faces one of Sofia's many parks. Its name honors the writer, poet and novelist " Ivan Minchov Vazov "also known as the " Patriarch of Bulgarian Literature " who lived under slavery and the yoke of the Ottoman Empire. Designed by Viennese architects Hermann Helmer and Ferdinand Fellner, its construction was completed in 1907 . A fire damaged it in 1923. It was completely rebuilt in 1929.The most prominent works from Bulgaria and the world are played in a 750-seat hall with a revolutionary mechanism for its time, which only the most prestigious theaters in the world had.

The Russian Church in Sofia

The Russian Church, " Руска църква "whose official name is Saint Nicholas the Miracle Worker "Св. Николай Чудотворец " is located in the city center in front of a flower garden about 100 meters from the Bulgarian parliament. It was built on the site of a former mosque when the Russian-led coalition freed Bulgaria from slavery and the yoke Ottoman This is the official church of the Russian embassy. It was designed by the architect Mikhail Preobrazhensky in a neo-Russian style characteristic of Moscow's churches. It has only about fifty places but its size is also its greatness.

Presidential quarter

The presidential quarter and especially the presidency "Президенство" is a popular place for tourists. There tourists have the chance to see the changing ritual of the presidential guard every hour. The current president is Rumen Radev " Румен Радев ", former major general and pilot of the air force.

St George's Church

It is the oldest Christian church in Europe. It is located within the presidency but can be visited. Dating back to the 3rd century, it is considered the oldest building in the city when Sofia was the residence of Emperors Galerius and Constantine the Great. The church is part of a larger archaeological complex comprising Roman streets and preserved canals.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

It is a temple (Orthodox cathedral in neo-Byzantine style) built to symbolize the feat of the liberators and the freed on the Ottoman Empire. Alexander Nevsky is the patron saint of the Russian emperor Alexander II. Thus the name was given to express the gratitude of the Bulgarians to Russia.

Mosque " Bania Bashi "

It is one of the oldest mosques in Europe along with that of Plovdiv. Completed around 1576 under the rule of Suleiman the Magnificent, the mosque is said to have been built by the famous Turkish architect Sinan. The Sultan's Mosque is located near the city baths which are ancient Roman baths. Bulgaria has almost 15% of Muslims mainly in the West and South of the country.

Palace of Culture (NDK)

Better known by its abbreviation NDK (НДК), it is the largest congress center in South West Europe. It has 13 rooms. It is a cultural center that offers conferences, exhibitions, concerts and special events. Its architecture is very representative of communist-era buildings. It is located at the top of the main shopping and pedestrian street, Blvd. Vitosha.

Nightlife in Sofia

Sofia has a reputation as a city that never sleeps. In the city center, which is popular with tourists, there are many bars and restaurants. It is advisable to book in advance even on weekdays. Bulgarians usually go out with friends after work. The other neighborhood known for its nightlife is "Student City", which is located a few hundred meters from our dental clinic Sofia, where almost all shops are open 24 hours.

Shopping in Sofia

The numerous shopping centers in the city offer large covered and air-conditioned spaces, which allow Bulgarians to protect themselves from the great summer heat and cold in winter. Built like real inner cities, there are bars, restaurants and even amusement parks.

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