Dental treatment in Montenegro
Risques de rejet d'un implant dentaire

Dental tourism in Montenegro

Anveli Dental offers you dental care in several dental clinics in Europe and Montenegro is one of the most popular destinations. You will benefit from the services of Prof. Ihde in a heavenly place and in a clinic overlooking the sea. Anveli Dental does not work with any dental tourism agency. The clinic's organization department will take care of everything.

Anveli Dental in Montenegro

Dental treatment in Montenegro is performed by dentists Ihde & Ihde. Professor S. Ihde (inventor of the latest generation of cortico-basal implantology) performs the surgery while Dr. Antonina Ihde (Professor at the International Implant Foundation) takes care of the prosthetic part. The two dentists are specialized in basal implantology and treat the most complex cases.

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Montenegro is located about a hundred kilometers from the Italian coast. This former Republic of Yugoslavia is the favorite holiday resort of the Russians. In recent years, the youth of Western Europe have liked to go there for its nightlife and extreme sports which can be practiced there. The peninsula of Sveti Stefan is known all over the world as a heavenly place. The dental clinic, located at the top of the hill, dominates the whole bay of Budva offering a splendid view of the sea.

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