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Dental clinic in Sofia

Who are we?

Anveli Dental is the European specialist in basal implantology and latest generation dental care. The care is managed by the Professor. Ihde from Switzerland, Anveli has ultramodern clinics which have been awarded several titles.

The team

Dental clinic in Bulgaria

Anveli Dental dental clinic is located in the upscale embassy district of Sofia. Sofia dental clinic is a gem of modernity and technology which has benefited from numerous articles in Bulgarian newspapers but also in French magazines such as Gala and Marie France. Anveli Dental in Sofia is recommended by the French Embassy and the United States Embassy for their nationals in Bulgaria.

  • 4 dental offices
  • 1 medical imaging room
  • 1 dental prosthesis laboratory
  • Specialists from 5 different countries

Implantologic center in Sofia

The implantology department within the Sofia dental clinic has a surgical unit offering precision medical scanning.The dental implantology clinic has also been equipped to treat patients in basal implantology with a specific CAD-CAM module and has direct access to the laboratory. This principle is called "open laboratory" and invented by Anveli makes it possible to carry out very precise 3D measurements immediately.

Prof. Ihde is the 2015 and 2019 world champion in complex implantology and the inventor of basal implantology.

Basal implant

Department of dental aesthetics

The Anveli dental clinic in Bulgaria has a department for cosmetic dental care. Equipped with an Air-Flow system and Beyond-Polus whitening system (the most modern system nowadays). Dr. Glavinov is the head of the dental esthetics department.

Orthodontic service

The orthodontic department is headed by Dr. Pastarmadzhiev. It allows you to regain the symmetry of a perfect and functional smile. Several orthodontic systems are available such as ceramic bands, splints, or lingual braces.

Basal implant

Our orthodontic systems

The dental prosthetics department has two treatment rooms and a dental prosthesis laboratory. The one opens onto the waiting room by a large bay window. Being equipped with an intraoral scanner, this dental cabinet can be a dream for all working dentists.

Dental prosthesis laboratory

From the waiting room, you can admire the prosthetists working on a computer and the robots designing your future teeth. The principle of dental prosthesis laboratory integrated and visible to the public is an innovation from Anveli Dental. It is very rare that clinics possess their laboratory. AnveLab is what is called an "in situ laboratory" which facilitates exchanges between dentists and prosthetists for the most functional result and aesthetic.

AnveLAB: Dental prosthesis laboratory

The clinic's relaxation area

This green space which surrounds the dental clinic in Sofia allows you, between two appointments, to spend a moment of relaxation in a place which is calm and cool. While the temperature, in summer, rises regularly to 35 °C, this privatized space and its greenery are constantly refreshed by a system of foggers. As for the café corner, it is open from April to October.

Dental treatment in Bulgaria

Having dental treatment in Sofia is also an opportunity to discover the great capital of the Balkans. One week is not enough to visit the many tourist spots in the city. Bulgaria is part of the European Union and dental care is reimbursed by social security in the same way as those produced in France (Belgium or Switzerland also). This is thanks to the freedom to provide services in the EU and more particularly to Directive No. 2011/24 / EU of March 9, 2011, on the application of patients' rights in healthcare.

Dental organization and tourism in Bulgaria

Basal implant in Bulgaria

Anveli Dental is the European specialist in basal implantology. A basal implant is an improved dental implant that requires special training and state-of-the-art equipment. It is suitable for a complete jaw treatment. Among these advantages, basal implants also avoid rejection due to peri-implantitis, avoid bone grafts, and are placed in one step, thus they are also called immediate-loading implants.

Basal dental implant

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