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Dental treatment in Belgrade, Serbia

More and more patients come to Belgrade for their dental treatment. The reason for this phenomenon is the quality of the infrastructure and its medical university system inherited from the former Yugoslavia. The Belgrade dental practice makes it possible to benefit from cortico-basal technology which makes it possible to avoid bone grafts in one step. The operations carried out by Prof. Ihde and Dr. Shipitch guarantee maximum quality of care. The Belgrade practice also the so-called "traditional" care.

Dental treatment in Serbia

Dental practice in Belgrade

For the realization of your dental care in Serbia, Anveli Dental offers you a dental office located in the city center of Belgrade a few steps from the most touristic and lively places of the city. The new Belgrade dental clinic opened in 2020 now has 1 operating room, 2 rooms dedicated to dentures, and a dental laboratory.

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Dentists in Serbia

The two dentists who do treatments in the Belgrade dental clinic are Dr. Olga Shipitch, dental prosthetics specialist and teacher at the International Implant Foundation, and Prof. Dr. Stefan Ihde, inventor of the basal dental implant and university lecturer.

Basal dental implant

The dental implant of the "bi-cortical basal" type also called the latest generation basal implant was invented by Prof. Ihde at the end of the 90s. It allows to treat patients, even those considered to be complex, in a 7-day step. By avoiding the risky bone grafting procedure it allows to treat patients suffering from paradontisis or severe bone atrophy.

Basal dental implant

Belgrade, a modern capital

Belgrade is a city that experienced war 20 years ago and the scars can still be seen, left on buildings as they are on purpose. The city has benefited from ultra-rapid modernization and reconstruction. Belgrade is now a modern city whose extravagant constructions attract more and more tourists. Belgrade airport was bought by the French multinational Vinci and the national company by Etihad. Thus, Belgrade has benefited from a tourism boom of + 40% in 1 year. For dental tourism, Belgrade is not left out since today it is one of the leading destinations for patients wishing to carry out their dental care abroad.

Geographical location of Belgrade in Serbia

Regarding dental tourism and your dental treatment abroad, Belgrade benefits from all the advantages in terms of geography and meteorology. Located at the point of confluence of the Sava (River which comes from the Austrian and Slovenian Alps) and the Danube, Belgrade is a strategic economic and cultural crossroads. The city has a warm climate in summer and cold in winter. With no access to the sea, Serbia has therefore developed beaches and seaside resorts on the banks of its rivers. One finds there, in particular, a local specificity, the Splavs - floating constructions of all sizes which accommodate individual fishermen's houses as well as bars and nightclubs which are enjoyed by hundreds of people.

A visit to Belgrade

The dental tourism week will not be enough to visit the city's many tourist attractions. Belgrade is famous for its nightlife and for attracting young travelers from all over the world. So don't be surprised if you hear French, English spoken. or German around you Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe with an incredible cultural heritage.


It is the street of bohemian restaurants and bars in the city. Serbia is known for the quality of its cuisine, and it is in Skadarlija that this is best reflected. Small typical paved alley, you will find many restaurants animated with traditional music orchestras which will play at your table for a few hundred dinars (119 dinars = 1 €)

Cathedral of Saint Sava

Saint Sava Cathedral is a monument to visit when doing dental tourism in Belgrade. Located a few minutes from the dental office and your hotel, it is the most imposing cathedral in the region. Built-in honor of the founder of the Orthodox Church in Serbia, it can accommodate up to 10,000 worshipers. The cathedral was built in the shape of a cross and its marble facade reflects different colors depending on the light. The basement of Saint Sava contains the tomb of Prince Lazarus, a crypt and a treasure.

Museums in Belgrade

Belgrade offers many museums of all types. During your dental tourism stay, a museum visit is a good choice during your free time outside the dental clinic. Among the museums we recommend: The military museum which traces 4000 years of history through weapons of war, so you can see weapons from the Bronze Age, Roman gold armor, tanks and cannons from WWII, or more recently the remains of the only American stealth plane shot down in history. Other museums which are worth visiting are the Nikola Tesla Electricity Museum (Inventor of Serbian origin), the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia, or the Ethnographic Museum.

Knez Mihailova Street

Knez Mihailova Street It is the central artery of the city which offers a unique architectural spectacle. Styles from different eras come together in perfect harmony. There you will find plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars to spend long afternoons shopping. It is one of the privileged places for patients who come to do dental tourism in Belgrade. At the end of this street of almost 2 km, you will find the monument erected in honor of France which was, until 1992, a historical ally of Serbia. The Serbs haven't forgotten that, they really appreciate France.

Nightlife in Belgrade

Although going out at night is not recommended during your dental treatment and dental tourism, we couldn't tell you about Belgrade without mentioning its nightlife. Who would have imagined that Belgrade would be, after its tragic and recent past, one of the top destinations for party-goers in Europe? Nightlife in Serbia enjoys a great reputation among young Europeans. Belgrade is even nicknamed the "Barcelona of the Balkans ". Whether it's summer on the Splav (Bars and Restaurants floating on the Sava River) or winter in the city center, Belgrade lives at night all year round.

Getting around Belgrade

To get around during your " dental tourism "and medical tourism stay in Belgrade, Serbia, the easiest way is a taxi since the price of a trip rarely exceeds € 5. To order a taxi, the easiest way is to ask your hotel to order it for you. There are many taxi ranks for the return trip. Most trips can nevertheless be made by foot since the dental office is located in the Vracar district in the center city.

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