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Risques de rejet d'un implant dentaire

Dental implant and tobacco

Smoking is the source of many problems for oral health and more generally for health. The objective of this article is therefore not to promote smoking, on the contrary. We will explain why BAx basal type dental implants are more suitable than conventional dental implants for patients who smoke. The dangers of smoking remain important for general health, but the risk of rejection of implants is reduced by 96%.

Dental implant and cigarettes

Dental implants and tobacco

Dentists are at the forefront of anti-smoking prevention, as Dr Mihail Glavinov, expert dentist at Anveli Dental in Sofia: " Anveli Dental is very involved in the fight against tobacco since we regularly meet and screen patients with cancer or pre-cancer related to smoking. We offer nicotine substitutes free of charge (patches, lozenges, etc.) to patients who wish it ". Doctor Glavinov continues by indicating " recently we detected pre-cancer in a patient who came for the placement of his dental implants. During the first consultation, we observed discoloration of the gum tissue, characteristic of pre-cancer. "This screening allowed the patient to treat the disease in its primary stage and prevent it from turning into cancer. This is one of the many examples of oral problems linked to smoking and that we regularly encounter in our dental clinic. We try to educate our smoking patients every day on the risks associated with smoking. However, we find that most of the patients who smoke refuse the tobacco substitute that is offered to them during their dental care. So, of course, the basal dental implant helps prevent rejection and infections, but this should especially not lead the patient to believe that smoking does not cause any risk to oral health and more generally to health."

In addition to increasing the risk of gum disease and infections , yellow teeth and bad breath, The major and most serious risk is oral cancer in smokers manifests itself in several forms: It can be localized to the lips, gums, tongue, palate or generalized to the mouth. Oral cancer affects nearly 7,000 French people per year and it is 5 to 10 times higher in smokers.

Risk of dental implants in smokers

So-called " traditional "dental implants are subject to the risk of infection. On this type of implant, bacteria accumulate on the rough surface of the dental implant. In patients who smoke them. bacteria grow much faster and the risk of rejection and infection is multiplied by 2. We still use traditional dental implants for the unit tooth replacement or in certain specific cases For these smoking patients, the danger of smoking cigarettes on the dental implant is very real, they will be asked to stop smoking in order to assert the warranty of the dental implant. Now let's see how it works with basal dental implants.

Risks of rejection

Les risques et danger du tabac sur les implants dentaires

Basal implant: The dental implant suitable for smokers

Originally, the bi-cortical basal implant was not designed to treat smoking patients but with the objective ofto avoid peri-implantitis (infection of the dental implant) and treat patients with bone loss without resorting to bone grafting . (the success rate of bone grafts is very low). During the studies carried out, surprising results have emerged. The success rate of the basal implant (or bi-cortical implant) in smoking patients does not seem to be affected. This study was nevertheless of size since it referred to over 300 patients with nearly 5,000 basal dental implants.

In comparison, the figures for traditional implantology (Cf: CNRS studies) place smoking as a major cause of rejection of traditional dental implants (2 phases) with 11.28% rejection against 4% for non-smokers. Thus patients addicted to tobacco can benefit from basal implants (BAx) without increasing the risk of rejection or infection. Substitution treatment will still be offered to them during their stay.

Basal implant

implant dentaire basal adapté aux fumeurs de cigarette


Anveli Dental, whether in the academic field in which he is involved or in a clinic, will always advise his patients to stop smoking. Whatever dental treatment is to be carried out, Anveli tries to provide the best possible information to the patient on the dangers of tobacco on oral health. Tobacco substitutes before, during, and after the installation of dental implants (basal or classic) exist and the installation of your dental implants can be the opportunity to stop smoking. For this, we offer substitutes for cigarettes during the period of your dental treatment.

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