Anveli Dental - Surgical treatment of periodontitis

Surgical treatment of periodontitis

Basal implantology to treat periodontitis

Michelle is a patient from Belgium who suffers from severe periodontitis. She is recommended by her daughter-in-law Isabelle, a former Anveli patient who performed her basal implantologic dental treatment at Anveli Dental in Bulgaria in 2015. She accompanied her and took the opportunity to carry out her postoperative check-up. Michelle also benefited from basal implantology to treat her periodontitis.

  • Place of treatment: dental clinic of Ukraine.
  • Dental surgeon: Prof. S. Ihde
  • Prosthetist: Dr. A. Ihde
  • Technique: Basal implantology + surgical treatment of periodontitis
  • Location of the treatments performed: Complete mouth
  • Duration of treatment: 7 days
  • Prosthesis: Fixed
  • Materials: Bi-composite ceramic
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Preoperative situation

A 75-year-old patient who has suffered for several years from severe periodontitis as well as a severe form of inflammation of the gum tissue. The gum and bone tissues are affected by numerous infections. At this stage, it is clear that the only treatment option for periodontitis is through surgery. Despite periodontal infections, there is no significant bone loss in either the upper or lower jaw. After studying the panoramic X-ray, the choice of basal implantology proves to be the most judicious.

After treatment for periodontitis

The surgical treatment is carried out under general anesthesia taking into account the dental infections which reduce the effect of the anesthetic products. The patient thus supported by the anesthetist will not feel any pain during the entire duration of the operation. The treatment begins with the extraction of all the teeth which also makes it possible to clean up the periodontal pockets. Once all the teeth have been extracted, surgical treatment of the tissues affected by periodontitis can begin. The removal of these tissues allows the jaw to completely cleanse the jaw. patient.

Thirdly, basal implantology guarantees a maximum success rate by avoiding peri-implantitis type infections and rejection thanks to Biomed implants and the smooth titanium. For this patient, 21 Biomed BAx and BCS implants were necessary. The bridges on implants were made with a pink ceramic junction allowing them to integrate perfectly with the natural gingiva and without leaving any space appearing.

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