Anveli Dental - Basal implant in Sofia in Bulgaria

Basal implant definition

The basal implant is a new technology whose 20-year follow-up allows a strategic approach thanks to reliable statistics. The basal implant allows treatment in one step and reduces the risk of rejection. The technology was invented by the Prof. Ihde who works within the Anveli organization.

  • Place of treatment: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Technique: Basal implant
  • Location of the treatments performed: Upper and lower jaws
  • Duration of treatment: 5 days
  • Prosthesis: Complete fixed prosthesis
  • Materials: Iso-Fusionb
  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia

Lack of gum tissue and bone atrophy

Manque de gencive et greffe osseuse hongrie

Antonio and Régine are retired and live in France. Suffering from a lack of gum tissue and bone atrophy, they looked for an economical solution to carry out their dental care. Hungary being the destination of dental tourism is the best-known option.

Atrophie osseuse et probleme sinus

They went to a dental clinic in Budapest to start their treatment which consisted of 4 stages of extracting the teeth, performing a bone graft and a sinus lift, then placing the implants and prostheses. Not satisfied with the first stage of the treatment, they contact Anveli Dental.

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Placement of a basal implant in Sofia, Bulgaria

Implant dentaire à Sofia Bulgarie

The couple benefited from the basal implantology treatment The procedure was the same. It consists of placing basal dental implants and then fixing bridges (fixed prostheses). Despite the lack of gum tissue and bone atrophy, the basal implant does not require a bone graft in order to integrate into the bone.

Implant dentaire à Sofia en Bulgarie

The specific elliptical shape gives it mechanical retention. Once the prosthesis is fixed, the construction benefits from perfect stability.

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