Periodontitis with loss of gingiva

Non-invasive dental implant

The bi-cortical basal dental implant or the non-invasive dental implant makes it possible to treat patients suffering from a lack of gum tissue following a periodontal disease such as periodontitis. Below is the progress of the operation and the patient's first feelings after her dental treatment.

  • Place of treatment: Belgrade.
  • Technique: Non-invasive dental implant (cortico basal implant)
  • Treatment performed: Both jaws
  • Duration of treatment: 5 days
  • Prosthesis: Fixed prostheses on implants
  • Materials: Bi-composite ceramic
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Gum loosening and retraction

Déchaussement des dents et rétractation de la gencive

Nadia contacted the Anveli expert service in Switzerland for problems with loose teeth with strongly retracting gums. Stage 9, which is the last stage of periodontitis was diagnosed. No treatment can treat her at this stage. The only viable option was the extraction of all teeth and replacing them with non-invasive implants. Treatment with basal dental implants (corticosteroid basal) is the most viable solution after periodontitis.

Placement of dental implants immediately after extractions

Avis sur les implants dentaires non invasifs

The patient has been treated at our dental clinic in Belgrade, Serbia. She also wanted to be asleep during the placement of the non-invasive cortical dental implants. After the anesthetist had administered venous sedation to her, the surgeon -dentist who was in charge of the operation began the operation After 2 hours of treatment, all her teeth have been extracted and 18 non-invasive implants have been placed. The next day, the first bridge test allowed the necessary corrections to be made.

Pose d'implants dentaires sur gencive rétractée

With the help of these tests, which we are the only ones to offer, makes it possible to visualize the future prosthesis on implants in the mouth. So if the size, shape, or positioning do not please the patient, modifications to the teeth may be provided until optimal results are obtained. 4 days after the operation, the prostheses are attached to the non-invasive mini implants and the patient can immediately adopt a normal diet.

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Notice after dental treatment in Belgrade

Avis sur les soins dentaires à l'étranger

Nadia who comes from France testifies after the installation of corticobasal implants (mini non-invasive implants). She tells us how her operation went and her stay in Belgrade.