Fixed prosthesis on basal implants after tooth extractions

Opinion on fixed prostheses on basal implants

Fixed prostheses on basal implants

Basal implants are fixed immediately in the jawbone. They integrate into the cortical part of the bone to ensure mechanical and immediate retention. In this way, dentures are fixed 72 hours after the placement of the basal implants The basal implant works on the same principle as the body implants after fractures. They require advanced equipment but their lifespan and success rates are better than dental implants known as "traditional". Anveli Dental is a specialist in basal implants with 5 dental clinics throughout Europe and is responsible the double world champion in maxillofacial surgery.

  • Place of treatment: dental clinic in Belgrade.
  • Technique: Fixed prostheses on basal implants
  • Location of the treatments performed: Complete jaw
  • Duration of treatment: 6 days
  • Prosthesis: Fixed and definitive
  • Materials: Bi-composite ceramic
  • Anesthesia: Sedation

Extraction of teeth and placement of basal implants

Problèmes dentaires, dents à extraires

Eric is a French patient who got to know Anveli Dental on Facebook. He was able to talk to many patients who reassured him. His main concern was pain management when all the teeth were extracted. Although he has only 8 teeth left (4 on the upper jaw and 4 on the lower jaw) the extraction of all the remaining teeth can sometimes be traumatic.

Extraction de toutes les dents

After the consultation and the panoramic X-ray, the operation begins with the administration of anesthesia under semi-conscious sedation chosen by the patient. This anesthesia allows the patient to feel no pain and make him feel lasted a few minutes. In the process, the basal implants are placed. A total of 19.

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Placement of fixed dental prostheses

Ou faire ses prothèse dentaire fixe sur implants ?

After the dental surgeon has placed the basal dental implants, the prosthetist and her laboratory begin the prosthetic phase. Work carried out using 3D equipment allows the perfect design of dental prostheses. After several tests and corrections, the aesthetic result of fixed dentures satisfies the patient and they can be fixed.

Preoperative situation

Avis du patient sur les prothèses fixes

During his interview, Eric explains to us how he got to know the Anveli dental clinic and how his stay and his dental care in Belgrade were.