Placement of dental implants without bone graft

Placement of dental implants without bone graft

Basal implants are dental implants that treat patients with bone loss without resorting to bone grafting. They are fixed in the cortex, which is the most mineralized part of bone and which the traditional dental implants cannot achieve.

  • Place of treatment: dental clinic in Montenegro.
  • Place of follow-up: Dental center in Switzerland
  • Technique: Basal implants - Dental implants without bone graft
  • Location of the treatments performed: Upper and lower jaw
  • Duration treatment: 5 days
  • Prosthesis: Fixed and definitive
  • Materials: Bi-composite ceramic
  • Anesthesia: Unconscious sedation

Toothless with significant bone loss

perte osseuse après extraction des dents

Maria suffers from extreme bone atrophy (bone loss on the upper and lower jaw). After suffering from generalized periodontitis, all of her teeth were extracted and she is therefore completely toothless.

atrophie osseuse de l'os de la mâchoire

The bone is no longer functional, bone loss occurs logically after several years of edentulousness. The above photos show significant bone loss. In addition, following the loss of all its teeth the patient can no longer eat properly and has suffered significant weight loss.

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After placement of dental implants without bone graft

pose d'implants dentaires sans greffe osseuse

The placement of dental implants without bone grafting went normally. 18 Biomed basal implants were placed. In the photos above on D + 4, the patient's weight gain following the placement basal implants.

implant dentaire sans os

At D + 90 during her check-up in Switzerland, and without bone grafting, the patient was even able to reconstitute the bone tissues after the bone had been put back into function by the basal implants. a natural phenomenon of osteo-regeneration.She finds a patient who has also carried out her care in the dental clinic of Montenegro and Ana our accompanist and medical translator.

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Opinion on dental implants without bone graft

Maria testifies during her check-up in the center of Zurich. She gives us her opinion on dental implants without bone graft (Basal implants) and explains how her life has changed thanks to this operation.