Anveli Dental - Basal technique and bone loss

Basal technique and bone loss

The basal technique (latest generation Basal) allows you to replace all the teeth of the jaw in a single step of 5 to 7 days. Even with significant bone loss, basal implants can be placed without a bone graft even to patients who smoke. Fixed prostheses are placed immediately after the placement of basal dental implants. This is called immediate loading. The Belgrade dental clinic in Serbia specializes in basal technique with Prof. S. Ihde who performs the most complex operations.

  • Place of treatment: dental clinic Belgrade.
  • Dental surgeon: Prof. S. Ihde
  • Prosthetist: Dr. A. Ihde
  • Technique: Basal technique
  • Care performed: Basal implants
  • Duration of treatment: 7 days
  • Prosthesis: Fixed and definitive
  • Materials: Bi-composite ceramic
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Periodontitis and bone loss in smokers

Parodontite chez les fumeurs

The patient is a smoker. She suffered from periodontitis and bone loss. Her dentist offered her a bone graft which she refused given the very long implementation time and the post risks. operative.

Dents qui bougent et tombent

She contacted the Anveli expertise service and obtained a treatment plan and an estimate within 48 hours.

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After placing the basal implants

Avis sur la technique basale avec dents qui bougent

The direct risk of smoking on basal implants is minimal since these dental implants are smoothed. The patient, although it will not be recommended for her general health, will be able to continue smoking without risk for the basal implants. Bone loss was not a problem during the operation since the basal implants are fixed in the cortical part of the jawbone.

Opinion on basal implants with bone loss

Implant dentaire basal chez un fumeur

Brigitte testifies after the installation of the basal implants on a bone suffering from bone loss. She will also give her opinion on the medical team of the dental clinic in Belgrade and on her stay in general.