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Risques de rejet d'un implant dentaire

Dental clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine

Anveli Dental in Ukraine

Anveli Dental uses its own organizational service which takes care of patients without calling on medical tourism companies. Support is provided as soon as the patient arrives at the Kiev airport.

Kyiv, the capotal of Ukraine, is a large metropolis with a well developed infrastructure and a high level of medicine services. Every year nearly 10,000 people come to Ukraine for the their dental treatment, where standards of hygiene meet the European and American criteria.

Dental clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine

Anveli Dental in Ukraine offers you a completely new dental clinic specializing in treatment with basal dental implants. In a perfectly sanitized and sterile environment, our patients can find:

  • 2 rooms for dental surgery
  • 2 rooms for prosthetics
  • 1 laboratory for dental prostheses
  • 1 room for medical imaging

Visiting dental clinic in Kyiv (Ukraine)

Basal dental implant in Ukraine

Anveli Dental is the global specialist in basal implants. Several hundred dentists around the world call on our services to treat the most complex cases that cannot be treated with traditional dental implants. The basal implant (Strategic Implants ® ️) offered by Anveli Dental can also treat more "classic" cases in a single step. The basal implant allows teeth to be replaced without requiring a graft, even when the patient has severe bone loss or periodontitis.

Dentist in Kyiv, Ukraine

The team of dentists and dental surgeons in Kyiv work under the supervision of Prof. Ihde who is present for the treatment of complete restorations and who treat the most complex patients. Request a quote to find out who will treat your case.

Dental tourism in Kyiv

Coverage for your dental treatment in Kyiv

Before your arrival in Kyiv, our organization department will have contacted you and given you all the necessary information. Our driver will meet you at the exit of the airport and take you to your hotel. All transfers between your hotel and the Kyiv dental clinic will be free of charge. A medical translator will also be present so that you can understand the non-French-speaking members of the team. She will stay with you throughout the dental treatment.

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