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Risques de rejet d'un implant dentaire

Immediate-loading dental implant

Immediate dental implant: The meaning

The protocol in basal implantology consists of placing the implants immediately after the extraction of one or more teeth and fixing the prosthesis on the implants within a maximum period of 72 hours. This is what we call the immediate loading of implants. (which do not require osseointegration) The immediate loading of a traditional dental implant is not recommended since its retention principle is based on its osseointegration. Some dental surgeons suggest it, we consider this practice questionable. The loading of a basal implant is on the other hand compulsory and enters into the protocol of Basal implantology. The principle of retention of the basal implant by stabilizing the bridge requires and imposes the immediate loading of immediate dental implants.

Immediate loading dental implant

The basal dental implant is an immediate loading implant. The complete treatment is carried out in 5 to 6 days. After the placement of the basal dental implant, the prosthesis must be fixed within 3 days in order to distribute the chewing forces. The different shapes of the strategic basal implant allow it to fit into all parts of the cortex, even those difficult to access such as the zygomatic areas (instead of wisdom teeth). In basal implantology, weight-bearing is not only possible, it is mandatory for the success of the treatment.

Immediate implantation

Immediate implantation involves placing the dental implant immediately after a tooth has been extracted. Opinions differ regarding the traditional dental implant on immediate implantation after extraction.

Immediate implantation consists of placing the dental implant immediately after the extraction of a tooth. Opinions differ regarding the traditional dental implant on immediate implantation after extraction. Studies by the International Implant Foundation note a slightly better success rate when a basal dental implant is placed immediately after extraction. The risk of complications is minimal with immediate implantation with the strategic basal implant. to our patients, when tooth extractions are necessary, to perform them during their 1 st consultation in the dental clinic that they will have chosen for their intervention. be performed immediately after tooth extraction.

An essential rule is to be respected, either the dental implant is placed immediately after the extraction (in the hour which follows), or the patient must wait 3 months before placing the dental implant, while the bone should never undergo trauma during its bone regeneration phase.

Immediate dental implant in France and Belgium

The reduced treatment time makes the basal implant an increasingly popular treatment in France but very few dentists are certified. According to a CNRS study on the relationship between dental surgeons and their laboratory of prostheses, 47.1% of dentists in France and Belgium make their dentures abroad and only 5% have an in-house laboratory. Among these, most of them are simple laboratories with only traditional technologies without appropriate equipment basal implantology. We understand better why the immediate implant is so rarely practiced in France and Belgium and why the immediate dental implant is so little recommended.