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Dental clinic in Kiev

Presentation of the dental clinic in Kiev

Who are we?

The Kiev dental clinic is located in a new building complex on the outskirts of Kiev. Close to the international airport, the clinic has two dental surgery rooms for the placement of dental implants and two additional rooms are dedicated to the placement of fixed dental prostheses on basal implants.

The Kiev dental clinic in Ukraine has its own dental prosthesis laboratory. Dental bridges and crowns are manufactured on-site, in particular through the use of 3D printing, allowing the best precision in the 'adjustment of prostheses for comfort and natural aesthetics and to ensure the success of dental care. All hygiene rules are ensured with strict decontamination measures ensured after the passage of each patient.

Who are we?

Anveli Dental, the world specialist in basal implantology, is able to offer you the best expertise and quality of dental care. The operations are carried out by the inventor of the modern basal implant, Prof. Ihde . Thus, patients who benefit from this modern technology are often referred to us by their dentists.

With a network of six dental clinics, each with dentists and dental surgeons specializing in basal implants, Anveli Dental takes care of hundreds of complex cases to be treated avoiding bone grafting and sinus lifting.

Why choose the Kiev dental clinic?

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment imported from the Swiss dental center, the Kiev dental clinic in Ukraine can offer the same quality of care at a lower price. The dental clinic depends on the International Implant Foundation, which is the research and training organization founded by Professor Ihde on basal implantology and the study of bone tissue. Below is the testimony of a patient treated at the Kiev clinic:

Dental treatment performed in the Kiev dental clinic

The Kiev dental clinic specializes in the placement of the basal implants. This dental implant is perfectly suitable for patients with the most complex cases, suffering from periodontitis, or with significant bone loss. The basal implant makes it possible to avoid bone grafting with a treatment of a 7-day stage with immediate loading of the dental implants.

What is a basal implant?

A basal dental implant is an implant designed to be fixed in the cortical part of the jaw bone. This technique requires substantial technological means but offers many advantages:

  • Treating patients with bone loss without resorting to bone grafting.
  • Treating patients with periodontitis and gum disease.
  • Treat patients in one step of 5 to 7 days
  • Treat patients said to be at risk and who cannot benefit from traditional dental implants (smokers, diabetics, osteoporosis ...)

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