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Cavities, a detail to look after

Note: This article has a purely informative and educational role. It aims to make people aware of the consequences of poor dental hygiene, the appearance of cavities, and information on the treatment of the latter. This article should not be a source of remote diagnosis.

Information about dental caries

Tooth decay is an infectious disease and also the most common in the world. Yes, tooth decay is indeed an dental infection! It is a so-called progressive infection. Tooth decay begins with the destruction of dental enamel, the first layer of the tooth, then it settles deeper in the dentin, then even more in depth towards the pulp where the onset of pain begins. Tooth decay can even reach bone and gum in some cases when not treated in time.

Cavities are formed by excessive consumption of sugars (food, drinks), drugs and poor dental hygiene. Stress, nicotine also play a role in the formation of cavities. Immunocompromised patients and those with certain genetic predispositions stimulate its formation. For this reason diabetic patients are more affected by dental caries.

Evolution and different stages of dental caries

1-Demineralization of the tooth:

During this initial step, a small part of the tooth surface demineralizes. This demineralization of the tooth will often only be noticeable by your dentist as it is characterized by a small discoloration of the enamel. If tooth decay is diagnosed at this stage, it is possible to remineralize the enamel and avoid filling treatment.

2-Erosion of enamel and dentin:

If the decay is not treated at this stage, the bacteria will continue to eat away the tooth enamel until they reach the dentin. The dentin of the tooth is made up of thousands of microscopic tubules connected to the canal nerve causing sensitivity of the tooth. Treatment at this stage consists of removing the decayed tissue and filling this area with a light-cured material having the same color as the tooth. In the past gray (metallic) fillings were used but they are now banned in many countries since they contain mercury (highly carcinogenic). If you think you have a metal seal, contact the heavy metal decontamination center. Anveli has European certification for heavy metal decontamination allowing reimbursement of this procedure.

Reimbursement of dental treatment abroad

3-Dental pulp infection:

When the decay has reached the pulp of the tooth (the canal containing the nerves) stabbing pains are noticeable. Each root canal contains the dental pulp which distributes the nutrients essential for the good health of the tooth. When this pulp is infected or inflamed, it must be surgically removed in order to save the tooth and stop dental pain. It is devitalization, the root canal is disinfected, then filled. Devitalization is a procedure that involves risks, see our article on devitalization of the teeth. It is currently the only procedure that allows preserving a tooth whose nerve is affected.

4-Formation of an abscess / granuloma:

The final stage of dental caries is the formation of an abscess or apical granuloma. It occurs if the endodontic treatment (removal of the nerve) is not carried out on time or if it is poorly completed. The infection then spreads to the end of the root of the tooth and then migrates to the jawbone, and can even reach the adjacent teeth. At this stage, it is very difficult to be able to heal the tooth - it will be long and without guarantee of success. Tooth extraction is in this case a possibility.

Dental caries FAQ

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